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Prediction Of Delayed Child Birth, No Children, Adoption Of Children According To Vedic Astrology.

After marriage child birth is important phase IN ANYBODY’S life. child birth INDICATES COMPLETION of MARRIED life. luckly some couple conceive easily and some people GO THROUGH lot of struggle TO conceive , SOMETIMES MODERN TOO CANT FIND OUT THE PROBLEM. After checking of all test reports, THE doctors ARE unable to find out ANY biological problem. So after THAT, I HAD analysed THE CHART OF SO Many COUPLES AND I CAME FORWARD with this article. CONCEIVING children IS not DEPENDENT only ON woman chart. we have TO check THE husband’S chart also.

In jathaka chakra, 5th house INDICATES children.Jupiter is natural putrakaraka planet to any body but according to jamini astrology every person has their own putrakaraka planet.

Most important factor is strength of venus and mars. Every planet indicates body parts and diseases in human body. So venus  indicates sexual organ, pelvis, menstrual regularity, semen, eggs, urinary bladder and Sexual energy or vitality, blood come under mars planet. If venus, mars debilitation, retrograde or combustion. Venus Mars planet relates health issues raised .

Reason For Late Pregnancy:

If any couple having below combination in their chart, IT IS A strong indication for late Pregnancy

  • Saturn place in 5 house. Mostly children born after 5years of marriage and if conjunction ketu little bit more delay

  • 5th lord conjunction with saturn or aspect of saturn on 5 th house children born delay But IF saturn retrograde or placed in Jupiter nakshatra, THEN again COUPLE CONCEIVE early

  • Another planets rahu and ketu if it is placed in 5th house. Women may face HARMONES imbalance, miscarriage and men face low sperm count problem but any BENEFIT aspect is THAT it will give good results

  • SOMETIMES rahu placed in 5th house they like children very much there is change conceive children before marriage and without marriage also they adopt children.

  • 5th lord placed in any of the dusthana house like 6th, 8th or 12th houses problems in childbirth

  • As per parashara jupiter is karaka of children so jupiter shouldn’t BE placed in dusthana houses 6th,8th,12th.

  • Placement of 5th lord Nakshatra is very important it shouldn’t BE A malefic planet nakshatras like ashwini,magha, moola,ardra,swati

  • the 5th house/lord is connection with 8th or 12 th house/lord and also aspect by the malefic planet like Mars, saturn,rahu, ketu it indicates death of child, miscarriages and abortions.

  • Some times THE Couple’s conceive PREMATURE birth of children because 5th lord retrograde and it will aspect or conjunction with rahu.

  • Incase 5th lord is very strong and 5th house contain or aspect with mercury, jupiter and venus there will be chance of HAVING many children

  • Some times we DONT find any children problem natal chart D1 then check saptamsa D7 chart

Reason For No Childern:

If any couple having below combination in their chart, THERE IS A strong indication for no children

  • In natal chart lagna lord and 5th lord debilitation THEIR is high chance OF HAVING no children

  • Lagna lord or 7th lord become jupiter and it aspect by debilitation or combustion 5th lord

  • 5th lord conjunction with mar and rahu or ketu, 5th house contain mercury , if any malefic planets placed 1st, 4th house

  • In natal chart 12th house contain mars, jupiter, rahu there is no children. This is one of the toughest conjunction

  • 9th lord placed in 12th house, 5th house contain jupiter, venus, saturn sagitarus or pisces aspects by rahu less chances of children this is called brahma sapam

  • 12th lord and 8th lord placed in lagna or 9th lord and 8th lord conjunction no children

  • Venus placed in 7th house , moon placed in 10th house, any malefic planet placed in 4th house

Reason For Early Conceiving:

If any couple having below combination in their chart THERE IS A strong indication for early CONCEIVING

  • In natal chart Lagna lord, 5th lord ,jupiter place in kendra, kona it will give early PREGNANCY.

  • Lagna lord, 5th lord interchange their place this is strong indication of early children

  • Lagna lord, 9th lord placed in 5th house or Lagna lord, 9th lord placed in 7th and 2nd lord placed Lagna

  • 2nd lord in 5th house, 5th lord in lagna and aspects by any benific planet

  • 5th lord, 9th lord placed in own house and aspect by jupiter.

  • moon place in 5th house, mercury placed in lagna, venus placed in 9th house

  • Mercury, 9th lord placed in 2nd house.

  • 2nd lord, 5th lord conjunction with mars and placed in 6th or 7th house it will LEAD TO early PREGNANCY.


If anybody having below combination in their chart THERE IS A strong indication for adoption of A child

  • Aries sign, saturn placed in 5th, sun placed 6th,8th or 12th house and jupiter debilitation is indication adoption of son.

  • Taurus sign, jupiter placed in 5th, moon placed in 7th house. Saturn placed in 12th house.

  • Gemini sign, sun placed in 5th house, Venus is placed in 4th house and jupiter not aspect 5th house.

  • Cancer sign, sun placed in 7th house , rahu , venus occupied 11th house and 12th house placed with jupiter

  • Leo sign, saturn placed in 5th house , 2nd house contain venus 9th occupied by mercury.

  • Virgo sign, mercury placed in 5th house, 7th house contain mars , 8th houses occupied by Jupiter it also strong indication for adopting a child

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