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What Clients Are Saying

Anil Sripathi sir played a crucial role in landing my dream job. Amid post-graduation uncertainties, his astrology prediction became a beacon of hope. Grateful to Anil sir for his guidance that turned into a job offer within months. Thank you!

Abhishek Thakur

Ghaziabad, India

Mr. Anil Sripathi, is a genuine astrologer, possesses profound knowledge of how various planets influence human life. His in-depth analysis of planetary positions in the horoscope reflects his expertise. Following his guidance has positively transformed my life in areas like love, wealth, and career. I highly recommend him for solutions to diverse challenges.


Mukund Verma

Mumbai, India 

Anil Sriopathi Sir helped me in resolving some issues related to my daughter's health. I got his reference through a family member. The condition of my daughter has improved rapidly. He give remedies based on kundli. The way he communicates and explains all the details and processes is the best thing about him.

Avery Smith
Sydney, Australia

Woman by the Water


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