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Analysis on Love Marriage based on Vedic Astrology

Love Marriage Combinations:


According to Vedic Astrology, Venus is the reason for Love marriage. Venus is the primary planet for love and Moon, Jupiter, Rahu will play their roles.

  • In the female chart, Venus indicates marriage and Jupiter indicates husband.

  • In the male chart, Venus indicates wife and marriage.

  • Some combinations results in a 100% failure.

  • In any Astrology chart, 5th lord/house indicates love affairs and children, 7th lord/house indicate partner, marriage, relationships, and legal battles.

  • 100% love marriage indicates 5th and 6th lord conjunction or aspect.

  • If the conjunction of Venus with Saturn and Mars is well placed, this conjunction indicates successful love marriage. Venus should not be debilitated or weak.

  • If Venus and Rahu conjunction is in 11th house, this indicates inter-religion/cast marriage.

  • Rahu is against the tradition, hence inter-caste/religion marriage happens.

  • If Rahu is placed in the 7th house, this also indicates inter-religion with foreign girl/boy.

  • In astrology charts, some combinations result in 100% love marriage. Some combinations result from lesser than 100%. For this, some remedies are recommended.

  • Love marriage indication in the chart can be either in the boy/girls chart and not necessarily both charts.

Love Failure Combinations:

  • If Venus position is in 6th and 12thhouses and retro Venus and Venus debilitated, this indicates love failure. Because, 6th Venus aspect to the 12th position, this indicates losses.

  • Venus Rahu conjunction indicates not having a long term relationship.

  • Venus and Rahu conjunction also indicate a lot of love failures. This happens with the conjunction in some particular houses. Because Rahu is never satisfied with a single relationship.

  • 5th Rahu also gives Love Failure. Because Rahu doesn’t like anything to be permanent.

  • If Rahu Dasha or 5th lord Dasha is ongoing, there is a high probability of love failure.

  • Venus and Mercury Conjunction indicate love failure because Mercury represents duality. There is a possibility to have more than one relationship.

  • If Venus and Mars are in aspect with Saturn, this indicates love failure. Because Saturn is dividing the relationship.

  • If Venus is in conjunction with Kethu/Rahu/Saturn, Venus is in aspect with Saturn/Rahu/Kethu, Venus placed in Saturn house, Saturn placed in Venus house, all these indicate love failures.

  • If 5th lord placed in 6th/12th/8th houses, this indicates love failure.

  • Main planet Venus and 5th lord not aspect/Conjunction by any malefic planets only then love marriage is a success, else it is love failure.

Note: We cannot justify love marriage with Lagna chart. We can check navansha chart, degrees, aspects, conjunctions and inner energies of planets and then finalize love/failure marriages.

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